Prominence window systems are designed for extreme Indian weather condition. Our System comes with weather seals to prevent dust invasion and whistling effect. Further, when used with right combination of glass , better thermal and sound insulation could be achieved. We offer wide product range to suit every fenestration needs. Our products are well engineered for better strength and drainage system. Our beads have artisan design to blend traditional with contemporary ideas.


PVC windows do not warp, twist or split. Impact modifiers in UPVC are treated with special additives, thereby making the material extremely long lasting.


The unique tropical mix compound enables the doors and windows to withstand long exposure to extreme weather conditions. They do not expand even under extreme temperature. Hence they are most ideal for Indian climatic conditions.


It has a closed and smooth surface making it extremely easy to clean using gentle household detergent dissolved in water. Besides, being easy to maintain, this also means that the product is virtually dirt resistant.


For Indian tropical weather, wooden windows and doors are often destroyed by termites, but our window systems are completely termite-resistant. They are also free from attack of salts, acids, alkalis and waste gases and hence highly corrosion resistant. They are best suited for chemical and Effluent Treat Plants (ETPs), breweries, textile industries, dairies, residential and commercial buildings close to the seashore.


Impact resistant windows are uniquely designed and specially formulated to withstand high impact like strong winds, environmental pressures, etc. The multi-chambered sections and sturdy structure make the windows work even under high impact.


There is no possibility of quality deterioration occurring in our windows due to Anti-UV coating. This has been tested by heat ageing at 150oC method.


UPVC is very difficult to ignite using commonly available ignition sources like match, blow lamp etc. It requires a high rate of temperature for ignition and exudes heat significantly lower than most organic building materials.


Special sound insulation glazing prevents sound penetration, thereby being an ideal choice for hospitals, offices, hotels, commercial and residential buildings. An average sound reduction of 35-40 db can be achieved. This is made possible with the use of weather seal – EPDM gaskets that are designed to arrest external sound.


The extrusive process of UPVC windows and doors are relatively energy efficient, compared to other materials. Here UPVC has been specified as an alternative to wood, because of the slowdown in the rate of forests. UPVC windows and doors are environment friendly as they can be fully recycled.