About Lixil

Every person on the planet dreams of a better home. LIXIL makes that possible with pioneering housing and water products.

A better home is made up of surprisingly simple things – doors and windows that connect you with the world outside; baths to escape in after a long day; kitchens that unleash creativity; toilets that provide cleanliness and comfort; showers and faucets to experience water in new ways; interiors and exteriors that bring spaces to life.

LIXIL makes better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create and innovate using world-leading technologies to make high quality products that solve every day, real life challenges.

But the LIXIL difference isn’t what we do, it’s the way we do it:

Meaningful design. We innovate because we should, not because we can. Entrepreneurial spirit.Working with partners, experimenting often, and learning fast from failures to move with speed.Access to all. Adapting existing technologies to meet universal consumer needs. Responsible business growth. Impacting global issues like sanitation, water conversation and environmental sustainability.

We are proud that our products touch the lives of more than a billion people every day, but there is potential to do so much more.

Being path pavers in consumer centricity uncovers opportunities for real differentiation enabling us to find a unique, clutter breaking proposition. Our deep understanding of our consumer’s lives drive us to create truly differentiated products, services and business models. As we continue to expand across Asia Pacific, our endeavour is to reach beyond our current channels and capabilities for better living spaces for today and tomorrow.

The real work starts now…




The designs encompass different types of windows such as slide doors and swing doors. Despite being designed specifically for high-rise buildings, these are also suitable for low-rise residences.


Filling the need in the high rise market. We-Plus is a smart choice, coming with very reliable quality.

Folding Door

Using smart design profiles and high quality accessories creates an elegant and stylish look with ease of use. Suitable for both luxury residential and commercial projects.


The luxury-design residential line for speciality or high-end residential properties.


Created to satisfy the needs of value-minded consumers and mid-range large-scale property developers.

Quality Performance

Test Center

Tests performed at the Thailand Quality Performance Test Center include

  • Wind tunnel test (Wind pressure resistance, air tightness and water tightness performance)
  • Opening-closing durability tests
  • Strength tests
  • Sound proofing tests
  • Thermal insulation tests
  • Light exposure tests (Light resistance performance)
  • Environmental tests
  • Surface treatment tests

Tex Guard technology

TOSTEM patented anodized surface "TEXGUARD"

#1. High weather resistance, suitable for hot climate countries

A proprietary coating keeps colours last longer in order retain the original beauty of its surface.

#2. Tough against scratches

Surfacing we do creates strongly bonded molecular structure that with stand scratches.

#3. Self-cleaning surface

Adhering dirt is easily removed because of the dense surface structure. Less cleaning required.